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    Free Health and Wellness Seminars
    Free Health and Wellness Seminars
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    Clinical Services
    Clinical Services
    The College of Medicine at Rockford operates the L.P. Johnson Family Health Center and the University Thyroid in Pregnancy Clinic in Rockford as well as University Outreach Services in Rochelle.
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    Colleges on Campus
    Colleges on Campus
    The University of Illinois Rockford is a UIC Health Sciences Campus which includes the College of Medicine at Rockford, the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing - Rockford Regional Campus, and the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy at Rockford. Other Centers and programs are also housed on campus.
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News & Events

 -- Upcoming Events
 5/31  Living with Lupus
5/7  Convocation 2016
 5/6  Glenn Netto Health and Wellness Center
 4/19  Free seminar - bladder leakage
 4/13  Research Day Award Winners
 4/13  21st Annual Research Day
 4/1  Med Student has Abstract Accepted
 3/30  Seenappa receives scholarship
 3/29  Open House for Dr. Bardella
 3/28  Advancing Rockford Spring Newsletter
 3/18  Match Day 2016 Results
 3/18  Watch Match Day - LIVE

Sonali Khurana is Jay G. Hirsch Award Recipient

 3/3 Did I Cause My Diabetes?
 2/23  Prostate Cancer: To screen or not?
 2/22  Ribbon Cutting and Open House
 2/11  FHC closed for repairs 2/11/16
 1/26  MLK Jr. Scholarship Recipients

Plans for a Native American Pathway Program

 1/20  Interprofessional Immersion Day
 1/20  Brovember & IceHogs Donate $10G
 1/19  Free Seminar: Stages of Pregnancy
 12/8  Welcome Dr. Bardella
 12/8  Early detection of lung cancer
 11/19  Smoking Cessation
 11/18 Big plans at the College of Medicine
 10/31  Healthy Halloween Party
 10/30  COM & Brovember start gift fund
 10/22  Asthma 101
 10/26  Twenty People You Should Know
 10/20 Segzda Scholarships Awarded
 10/13  Seminar on Herbal Supplements
 10/10  White Coat Ceremony
 10/10 Alumni Reunion Dinner
 10/2  Boardwalk Casino Bash
 9/12  Operation Healthy U
 9/5  Med student presents in Rome
 8/28  $50000 grant for early lung cancer screens
 8/17  Hinkle named pres-elect to IRHA
 6/16  Heat Wave - Community Presentation
 6/10  College of Medicine/OSF Collaboration
 6/8  NHANES in Winnebago County
 5/6 Dr. Ramaswamy receives $2.34M grant
 5/5  Federal grant received
 4/28 Sexual Assault - Separating the Myths/Facts
 4/25  Convocation 2015
 4/21  Dr. Plescia receives award
 4/21  Dr. Werckle receives recognition
 4/15  NCRHP presents at NRHA
 4/15 Palani gets Lauren Kirstein Scholarship
 4/8  Research Day Awards 2015
 4/8  Research Day 2015
 3/31  Free nutrition seminar
 3/28  Celebration of Diversity and Leadership
 3/20  Match List - Class of 2015
 3/16  Hospitalist program
 2/24  Free heart health seminar
 2/20  Expansion Funds for IL AHEC
 2/18  Med student: Leonard Tow Award
 2/18  Ramaswamy aims to eradicate filariasis
 2/17  Rural Health Careers Camp
 2/17  Rural Health Professions Preceptorships
 2/10  Stagnaro-Green published in JAMA
 2/3  Robinson-Asiso named asst. dean for div.
 1/27  Free Women's Health Seminar
 12/23  MOU with PNU
 12/10  Gnanasekar receives grant
 12/2  Myths and Facts About Depression
 10/27  Ebola - Community Seminar
 10/13 New members named to DAC
 9/30 Thyroid Seminar - FREE!
 9/10  RMED to Expand
5/22  MBT and UW-Platteville
5/3 MBT Convocation - 2014
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